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What we do

We are an Innovation Incubation specialist based in the UK. CUK are involved with incubation hubs, regional and national governments, universities, education providers and other innovation-based projects all over the UK.

Innovation companies in the UK benefit from the Chinese market, by way of manufacturing and distribution opportunities and investment into commercial resource by forming partnership agreements with Chinese companies, via trusted Economic Development Zones (EDZ’s) recommended pathways, the agreements usually include trade of variables surrounding intellectual property shares, market licensing and stakeholds.

Innovation and Incubation Hubs

CUK invests into UK innovation, incubates the innovation to international commercial viability and present to markets from around the world, including but not exclusively, with China.

CUK are developing government supported incubation hubs around the UK. The first is located in Bridgwater – Southwest UK (the area boasting the largest ever Chinese investment into the UK, Hinkley Point C Nuclear power station). Other hubs are being developed in the capital of Wales, Cardiff and Kent (South East of London), and others. CUK offer virtual offices for Chinese partners, offering a sustainable, sector based cooperation trade platform between the two countries.