Steve Leahy, Chairman for Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce, agrees inward investment strategy with Shandong Government.


Around 90% of embryonic business relationships between UK and China fail.

How can we help?

CUK specialises in helping both Chinese and UK clients to connect and create solid partnerships, overcoming distance, cultural and logistical hurdles that can make business between these two great nations sometimes challenging.

Chinese are arguably the world’s most welcoming people and for a UK company creating a relationship in China, its actually relatively easy. What is not so easy however is turning the relationship into mutually beneficial business for both the Chinese and UK partner. The same applies to Chinese businesses who are seeking partnerships with UK . The two nations want to trade with each other, however, sometimes the business culture can be a hurdle to overcome.

Introductions to the right Contacts

Good relationships are the key to success and our case studies provide a snapshot as to how we have helped our clients to build meaningful connections. But where CUK can really assist, is in matching your company or organisation with a truly compatible partner that has been vetted and we know are serious about doing real business. Based on the long standing high-level relationships we already have in place with private sector and government, we are able to identify and introduce your company to contacts that are most relevant to your requirements.

Bridging the cultural divide

CUK will also help you to overcome the very different way that business is done. For English, Chinese business people are ambitious with international aspirations and you will find you are dealing with highly accomplished individuals within the Chinese business community. For Chinese, things take a little longer to happen that you are maybe used to. Due to the cost and distances involved in international trade, it is imperative that both partners – UK and Chinese – fully understand and respects how each operates and what the preferred outcomes are likely to be early in the relationship.

Shaping the Deal

The pursuit of money tends to be the driving force in Western businesses . But a word of warning that may surprise some. Clients should not assume that this is the case in China. To genuinely prosper in business with Chinese, CUK encourages clients to think in terms of Partnership and not in terms of driving sales to your new partner. Chinese prefer to enter into partnership agreements in which both partners share the rewards. With this in mind, CUK helps Chinese to understand that UK is recovering from he deepest recession in recent history, so demonstrating and establishing the equally motivated partnership quickly, without de-positioning either partner, is CUKs specialist function

Sealing The Deal

CUK creates partnerships and helps to ensure the business deal successfully gets across the finishing line. In our experience a staggering 90% of relationships instigated business between China and UK never succeed due to the cultural differences in closing a deal, be that a partnership or a sales/demand relationship.

We can make a difference

CUK will help you to communicate, advise on cultural business practices and differences and will help you to get the best support from government and private sector, thus allowing you to close your deal, brokering the partnership and relationship ongoing.