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Marine and Renewable Energy

The UK is a world leader in renewable energy innovation. The industry itself in the Western world is evolving more rapidly than China is able to keep up with. At the same time, China is keen to meet stringent targets set by Western policy makers so that it can continue to foster its developing trade relationships with Western countries.

Industries such as Shipping and Environmental Control, Waste Management Processing Innovation, Pollution Control Innovation and the Oil and Gas industry are all rapidly expanding in China. The UK is leading the way in these sectors. Opportunities exist for governments and public sector clients in the UK to co-operate on economy-driving scales – and the supply chain openings for private sectors both in China and the UK are abundant.

China, as we know, has a well-documented major problem with pollution. However, the Chinese government is acutely aware of the issues and has committed significant resources to the long term reduction of carbon emissions.

The use of renewable energy is not a new concept by Western standards, but with the scale of the problem in China, the solution/s for air, water and land pollution are imperative for China’s economic stability. For example, within the agricultural industry, China’s aim is to become more self-sustainable and therefore, is investing in agriculture technology and training, renewable energy innovation, pollution control and waste management solutions.