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Q. Do I need a visa to start a company in China?
A. Not necessarily. China UK can help you with both options below.

  1. Visit China on a minimum of two occasions; once to show your original passport and sign the necessary papers,
    and then again to open a bank account once the paperwork is complete. Travel on a 72-hour visa-free initiative
    and we can help guide you through the system and maximise your time in the country.
  2. 2. Opt for a business visa and sort out your China start-up during a one or two week stay. CUK can assist you in
    developing contacts and setting up meetings with potential suppliers, clients and partners, whilst ensuring you
    are available to sign paperwork and complete all compliance necessary to open your WFOE or FICE.

Q. Is it difficult to bring money back to UK?
A. No, China UK can advise and assist with all aspects of bringing your revenue home. The process is simple and despite general misconceptions, with the correct guidance, exporting your hard income back to UK is a straightforward and quick process.

Q. I am concerned about a number of potential issues with regards to, for example, security, the payments process and reliability of delivery when dealing with Chinese companies. Are my worries justified?
A. There are indeed risks to dealing with any international company, whether that be China or elsewhere. China has very strict legal policies covering transactions, internet and IP security etc. CUK works only with companies that are well
trusted, either due to our long standing relationships and past dealings, or recommendations from CCPIT or other government offices.

Reputable Chinese companies value highly the opportunity to co-operate with Western businesses,
and additionally, if the company in China is recommended by its own government, maintaining reputation is paramount. CUK can help you every step of the way, even assisting you with negotiations and legal agreements with your Chinese partners.

Q. How will I manage the early stages of administration when I start working in China?
A. CUK and our associates have been working in China for many years. We understand their system and can advise on essential processes that can otherwise appear complex: auditing procedures, legal issues, banking (which is all online
and in English) and other financial matters, office and postal addresses, translations/interpreting and a whole range of other operational FAQs.