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Paul Waite

paul-waitePaul is CUKs Chairman as well as Chief Executive of Aspen Waite which CUK is a part of the group of companies.

With a background in marketing and accounting, he has an eye for opportunity and helping businesses to flourish. As the CEO of Aspen Waite, Paul provides many opportunities for CUK to grow alongside the many established companies and other like-minded individuals that make up the Aspen Waite Group. Paul specialises in working with SMEs and has an impressive proven track record in helping them to grow and succeed. Paul holds an honours degree in Economics and the depth of his  experience makes him a great advisor with a unique insight.

“I am a firm believer that trust is hard earned – even more so when dealing with international markets; where cultures, work ethics and customs vary hugely.

My emphatic and understanding nature, coupled with a solid understanding of international trade, the importance of relationship building and successfully bringing products to market allows me to provide expert advice whether in the UK or the other side of the world to a range of companies, clients and customers”.