About China UK

Part of the Aspen Waite  Group of Companies, China UK Enterprise Ltd  (CUK) is a Southwest UK founded company specialising in assisting economic development level partnerships between UK and Peoples Republic of China.

CUK has offices in Changzhou, China, and a Head Office in Somerset UK. The team  are highly experienced international business consultants helping clients to become successful in their Sino/Anglo partnerships. CUK has strong and unique approach, by identifying and building relationships with Economic Develop Zones (EDZ) in China and assisting their growth strategy, by introducing high level UK partners. CUKs UK clients are supported in the development of relationships with Chinese private and government sectors, to offer trusted and professional business introductions and strong relationships.

China and the UK have many market sectors of mutual interest. G8 Technology, Education, Medicine,  Medical Technology and Healthcare are key areas of interest, however, there are many other market sectors that China are developing through the EDZs that UK clients can take advantage of.

At CUK we are ‘people people’. We would like to hear from UK companies who are considering entering the Chinese market. If your company would like support and assistance in finding and building long lasting relationships that are well vetted, our expertise lies in the understanding of both UK and the Chinese markets, coupled with our extensive network of trusted suppliers and contacts in both Private and Government sector.

Please feel free to browse our website, read the blogs, the case studies and the articles we have published for your convenience. We look forward to meeting you.